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religious homophobes think that as long as they’re polite about their hateful views it’s not gonna count as hate well it does and it literally kills people and you stay silent with that “I love you but I don’t support your lifestyle” you don’t fucking deserve the right to say you love us it’s a goddamn LIE

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You’ve gotten to know all my crazy, but I still know nothing about you. You don’t trust people. Not your employees, your clients….nobody. Not even your husband.

@NayaRivera Hahahaha that’s funny “@Heathers_Naya: @NayaRivera how about Frozen Brittana? 
@NayaRivera Hahahaha that’s funny “@Heathers_Naya: @NayaRivera how about Frozen Brittana? 

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It has been agreed upon (in light of this video) that Danny Lawrence is the new Slayer, and the Summer Society is the Scooby gang.